Managing CMS Users

My Details

This section allows you to view and edit your own Control Panel user details

  • From the Control Panel select Administration > My Details
  • View or edit the values in fields as desired before clicking save

Note: To change your password you must enter the new password into both fields and have the Update Password box checked. All passwords must be at least 8 characters and contain 1 number

  • Click Save when complete

Manage Users

This section (Administration > Manage Users) allows you to view, add, edit and delete Control Panel user accounts.

This is where you will create additional users with access so they can perform tasks such as uploading documents and images under their own account.

Actions in the Control Panel are logged against user accounts so create a user account for every user who may make changes to the website.

Add a User

The Add New User function allows you to create new user accounts for access to the Control Panel.

  • Click Add New User
  • Enter the required data for the new user account before clicking save.
  • If successful you will get a User successfully created confirmation
  • Click Manage Users to return to the list of users
Edit a User

The View/Edit function (found against every user in the Actions column)

  • Find the user you wish to view or edit and click View/Edit
  • Edit the details of the user as desired
  • Click Save when complete
Delete a User

The Delete function (found against every user in the Actions column) allows you to remove a user from the Control Panel

  • Find the user you wish to remove and select Delete
  • Select OK to delete the user
  • The user will no longer show under Manage Users

Manage User Roles

This section (Administration > Roles) allows you to create roles that can be assigned to users, restricting their access to parts of the Control Panel.

Note: The Administrator role cannot be edited or deleted. All users are initially assigned this role which allows access to all Control Panel functions.

Add New Role

To add a new role click on Add New Role

  • Enter a name for the new role in the Name field
  • Enter a description for the role in the Description field
  • Select Yes in the dropdown menu(s) for every function (View/Add/Delete/Edit) you wish that role to have access to
  • Click Save when configuration is complete

Assign a Role to a User

Roles can be assigned using the View/Edit function in Manage Users

  • Select the Role you wish to assign to the User and click Save
Edit a Role

The View/Edit function allows you view or edit the existing roles you have created.

  • Click on View/Edit next to the role you wish to edit
  • Select Yes/No against any drop-down menu you wish to change and/or change the Name/Description field
  • Click Save when configuration is complete

Note: If the role you are editing is already assigned to users, the changes will be applied next time the user logs in

Delete a Role

The Delete function allows you to remove an existing custom role.

  • Click Delete next to the role you wish to delete
  • On the confirmation dialog choose OK or Cancel to abort the operation

Note: If the role you deleted was assigned to users, those users will have no role assigned meaning they can't access any of the Control Panel functionality until a new role is assigned

Update Company Information

This section (Administration > Company Information) allows you to edit your company information, most importantly.

  • Edit the email address that will receive all website Contact Forms and Customer Registration emails
  • Click Save when done.

Note: The email address that will receive Order Confirmations can be edited from Ecommerce > Ecommerce Settings